Building Classrooms for Quality Education

What is our mission?  

AsWeGrow believes each child has the right to a proper education that matches its needs and effectively prepares it to address the issues of the community in which it lives. Our funding strategy is focused explicitly on projects that improve educational outcomes, and in particular help ensure that children don’t just enroll in school but also derive meaningful and lasting benefit from their education. Our goal is that our activities enable as many children as possible to finalize their education with success.

What do we do?

for funders:

We offer knowledge and recognise impact. With over 10 years of experience in financing educational grassroots projects – we have helped over 3500 children through 24 organisations in 19 countries – we know what it takes to help an organisation grow. Our outlook on offering assistance is based on basic business principles but keeps a keen eye on other factors which have defined the organisations we seek to assist. We are keen to work with local partners, are continuously eager to learn more and believe that one person can make a lasting difference.

for applicants:

Through our three programs, we offer financial assistance and advice. By means of a thorough application procedure, our organisation assesses whether we can help.  All grassroots organisations that focus on the realistic education of less privileged children (schools, not-for-profits, teacher associations, etc.) are eligible to apply as long as they have the sustainable character of education at heart.

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