#aswegrow builds classrooms for quality education.

The organisation was founded on July 27th, 2012 in the United Kingdom.

Even though it is still very young in Great Britain, it builds on insights and experiences gained through Stichting Angels.

After 10 years of operating with the Stichting Angels name, the organization changed because of the 5 following (tweeted) reasons:

  • Nr.1: In name, @stichtingangels is not unique. In Netherlands alone, there are 51(!) orgs. combining words stichting and angel in their name
  • Nr. 2: We are not driven by any religion. Working with the name Angels has raised unnecessary confusion among religious orgs. in the past.
  • Nr. 3: We aim to work internationally. Sadly the word ‘Stichting’ (Dutch for ‘foundation’) is not pronounceable for English speakers.
  • Nr.4: Our name does not directly communicate with our organisational mission to help children all over the world to get a proper education.
  • And Nr.5: We love the name #aswegrow! As we grow, we learn, As we grow, we teach, As we grow, we change and last but not least #aswegrowwetweet
About Stichting Angels

Stichting Angels was founded as a private non-profit initiative on February 15th, 2002 by five students in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The students, bound together by their membership of the student organizations USC and UVSV/NVVSU, started to offer financial support to children’s projects by collecting funds on the many student parties and events for which the city is known.

The name Stichting Angels was derived from the American TV series and motion picture ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and refers to the many enthusiastic ladies who initially reached out to gather the necessary money to start the organization’s activities.

The Dutch word ‘Stichting’ (freely translated ‘foundation’) is the correct legal charitable form in the Netherlands.
Currently Stichting Angels is still active in the Netherlands and in Belgium (under the name Angels VZW).

#aswegrow, Stichting Angels as well as Angels VZW are private initiatives unaffiliated to any political or religious ideology. All three organisations are lead by the same governance structure (more soon to come).

#aswegrow is currently registered as a small charity with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Services in the United Kingdom.

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