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Make a difference in a childs life

  • Can help us to supply one year of writing equipment (pens, pencils, rulers and exercise books) for 1 child.
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Make a difference in a childs life

  • Can help us construct classroom desks for 5 children.
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What will my donation be spent on?

Your money will be used to help over 2000 children of the Concordia Elementary School who are in dire need of more educational space. As part of our AsWeGrow-We Learn program, your donation will be used for the creation of 8 classrooms for quality education, which will cost £30,000 to build.

How much will be spent on overhead?

AsWeGrow aims to keep overhead as low as possible. According to Charity Navigator, charities should keep their overhead rate under 33,3%. We aim to keep our overhead at 15% or lower. We promise to spend your donation as effectively as possible ensuring a maximum positive effect on the children we seek to help.

Is my donation tax deductible?

AsWeGrow is currently registered as a small charity with HMRC which means that our annual turnover is under £5000. Additionally we are registered as a recognised charity with tax services in the Netherlands. Our registration means you can enjoy certain tax deductible benefits.

Can you tell me more about AsWeGrow?

AsWeGrow builds classrooms for quality education. Our funding strategy is focused explicitly on projects that improve educational outcomes. AsWeGrow help ensure that children don’t just enroll in school but also derive meaningful and lasting benefits from their education.

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