Nguu Tatu, Kenya

Building 8 classrooms for Concordia Primary School in Nguu Tatu, Kenya.

Help 2000 children to get a quality education.

In collaboration with the organisation 'Kinderen van Kenya'.

#aswegrow-we learn for the Concordia Primary School in Kenya. 

Building 8 extra classrooms for 2000 children. 

Mombasa, Kenya’s second biggest city, is known for its beautiful beaches. Since years it has attracted many tourists from all over the world. Even though its international appeal has given the city many economic advantages, it has also majorly affected the city in a less positive way.

Mombasa’s north coast is inhabited by a lot of economic refugees. Many Kenyans have left their rural hometowns to try to find a job in tourism. Sadly the majority of them has not been successful in finding an occupation, leaving them and their families uncared for. Such poverty in combination with the cultural and religious mixture among the families, has proven to be challenging.

The Concordia Primary School in Nguu Tatu aims to educate 2000 children living north of Mombasa. The school was founded in 1993 with the aim to improve the living conditions of impoverished Kenyan children.

Through its persistency and insights built on local knowledge, Concordia is currently able to take care for 2000 children. The school has managed to educate its’ students in the 23 classrooms they built, but with a vastly growing number of students this has not proven to be enough.

Educational space remains a topic for this admirable organisation.

AsWeGrow for building 8 classrooms

Through AsWeGrow-we learn, we’ll help the Concordia Primary School with the construction of 8 more classrooms, divided over 2 storeys. The total costs of this project will be £30,000 which is £15 for each student in the school.

Please visit our donate page if you want to help us finish the construction of the Concordia Primary School.


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