The Incredible, Amazing and Wonderful Impact of…. JustGiving!

Posted on Apr 16, 2013

JustGiving LogoAsWeGrow has recently joined JustGiving; a great web-based platform that binds donor & recipient in a unique way.

‘Actions speak louder than words…’ and that is exactly what JustGiving allows you to do. As a start-up that can use all the exposure and funding it can get, we were amazed to see the big positive effects of the platform on the growth of our organization.

Our membership to the platform (in the Netherlands and the UK) is only a few months old and already we have two great stories to share:

After registering with JustGiving in the Netherlands, we were honored with the action page of Marc Wiggers. Marc is a bright lawyer who  – on top of having a very demanding career – also managed to obtain his PhD in Law.

In honor of his PhD defense, promotion and publication, Marc organized a dinner followed by a big party in Amsterdam. Not only did Marc donate the publishing royalties of his book to AsWeGrow, he also asked for all his invitees to donate their gift-money to us.  Marc’s JustGiving page was made an integral part of his invitation and we are happy to write that many people donated. We exceeded our fundraising target and raised a massive amount which allowed us to officially give the ‘go’ for the construction of our first classrooms.

Another heroic JustGiving story is about Australian born, London Product Manager: Nathan Westgarth – for us a sportsman extra-ordinaire. Nathan will soon embark on several adventures starting with a marathon in Stratford-upon-Avon in April 2013. Many of us can only dream of finishing this race distance but for Nathan the battle has only just begun. In May he will cycle a (100 mi.) century event, in June he will cycle the Alps (3000 mtrs.), and in July participate in an Olympic distance triathlon.

In return for this jaw-dropping quest, Nathan asks for just one AsWeGrow classroom in return via (yes indeed) JustGiving! His page allows Nathan not only to raise funds, but also to share his sporting accomplishments with his family and friends in Australia.

Marc and Nathan, we are very grateful to have been made such an integral part of your accomplishments via JustGiving in both the Netherlands as well as the UK. You truly are AsWeGrow – heroes!

What are your thoughts about JustGiving? And JustGiving and AsWeGrow? Do let us know your ideas and help us so we can give all children the schooling they deserve.


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  1. Sven Laqua
    April 28, 2013

    I hope Nathan survived his first marathon well today in Stratford-upon-Avon 🙂

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